Wilmington Breast Health

Breast Cancer Prevention & Treatment

One of the biggest health risks for women is breast cancer. In the U.S., breast cancer is the second most diagnosed form of cancer. While breast cancer can be serious, it is not something you are helpless to fight against or even prevent. By growing more familiar with your breasts and identifying the warning signs for breast cancer, you can take action against breast cancer in the early stages and beat the disease before it has a chance to spread.

The Saint Francis Healthcare team will help you learn more about breast cancer and breast health in general. We perform breast health screenings and have oncology experts ready to fight cancer at any stage.

Breast Cancer Screening

One option offered at Saint Francis Healthcare for breast cancer screenings are clinical breast exams (CBE). This physical exam is provided by a provider to feel for changes or abnormalities in the breast during your regular check up. Talk to your physician about performing a clinical breast exam. In addition to clinical breast exams at our facilities, learn how to perform a self-exam and the best practices for breast self-exams here!

You should schedule an appointment with your doctor so they can screen for cancer. In many cases these lumps are harmless cysts, but given the commonality of breast cancer, it is always in your best interests to have it examined just to be sure.

3D Mammography

At Saint Francis Healthcare, we have invested in cutting-edge 3D mammography technology. This advanced system allows radiologists to capture a 3D image of the breast for improved examinations. The exam is every bit as safe as a standard mammogram and does not require any incisions. Learn about the capabilities of digital mammography and breast MRIs here.

3D mammography has made significant strides in the fight against breast cancer:

  • 3D mammography increases breast cancer detection by 10-30%
  • Detects 41% more invasive breast cancers
  • Reduces return visits due to false positives by up to 40%

To make an appointment with our imaging department for 3D mammography, please call 302.421.4141.