Saint Francis Healthcare EMS

Emergency Medical Services in Wilmington and Dover

No one expects a medical emergency to occur, which is why so many are unprepared when an event finally does happen. At Saint Francis Healthcare, we have developed a fast responding, highly efficient emergency medical service (EMS) ready to help New Castle and Kent Counties when an emergency occurs. Saint Francis Healthcare EMS is the largest EMS agency in the state of Delaware, providing 911 EMS care in the two highest populated areas of the state. We operate the only hospital ambulance service in the state of Delaware and have created a Special Operations Unit in order to organize quick medical care in the event of a mass epidemic. Our team is also the official 911 Basic Life Support (BLS) provider for the City of Wilmington and the City of Dover.

Special Operations

PA200 ambulanceOur Special Operations Unit includes two custom outfitted trailers with heating/cooling tents, patient monitoring and oxygen delivery capabilities for emergency scene rehabilitation needs. These emergency scene rehab units respond to second-alarm assignments in New Castle County and Kent County. Our call sign is PA200. Saint Francis Healthcare EMS is always prepped and ready to move in the event of an emergency. We have taken precautions to provide quick responses even in inclement weather situations.

Services provided by our Special Operations Unit include:

  • Fire Ground Rehab – In the event of a second-alarm fire, the Fire Ground Rehab arrives on the scene to provide victims with immediate care. Our trailer is outfitted with fans and blankets to help victims regulate their temperature.
  • Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) – An MCI is an event where numerous people are hurt and emergency responders do not have the resources to treat every victim one at a time. In these instances, we provide mass treatments to people with basic medical care until they can receive personalized treatment. All of our EMS personnel are trained in MCI care and our unit is designed to serve up to 250 people at a time.
  • Infectious Disease Treatment – As the only BLS unit in the state of Delaware, it is our duty to handle and transport patients who have been infected with a potentially infectious disease.The IDT team provides level 3 isolation, the highest level of protection for infectious disease care. Our team is trained in emergency protocols and how to quickly set up protective equipment to prevent the disease from spreading.

We do not charge for Fire Ground Rehab Services. Call 302.421.4100 if you would like to learn more about our BLS and Special Operations Unit.

Therapy K9

Willow - therapy dogSaint Francis Healthcare EMS has added a therapy dog to its team. The unique role of this K9 is to respond to the emotional needs of first responders in times of critical traumatic incidents, including line-of-duty deaths, scene of a death of a child, or a severely injured victim. While first responders are trained to respond to such incidents and events to meet the medical need, it can easily overwhelm coping mechanisms and require additional emotional care for the responder immediately following the event and later as the emotional trauma is processed. Pictured with her team, Sgt. Willow will also complete Search and Rescue (SAR) training.

Bariatric Transport Services

Saint Francis Healthcare EMS has an MX-PRO bariatric transport stretcher, which allows our specially trained staff to move patients who weigh over 500 lbs up to 1,600 lbs. This stretcher is used state-wide and on a weekly basis.