Care Management

Our Team Will Navigate You Through the Healthcare Experience

Visiting the hospital, whether it is your first or fiftieth time, can be disorienting. Our Care Management team is a group of compassionate nurses and social workers whose goal is to assist you or your loved one through your healthcare experience. Our hospital has many resources and amenities that can assist you in your healing journey, but when you are already feeling ill the last thing you should worry about is learning about the hospital so that you can take advantage of all its services. Your Care Management contact will direct you to the resources that are most relevant to you and answer any of your questions about the hospital itself.

Speed through the Administrative Details

Dealing with paperwork and billing can be stressful. We want our patients and their loved ones to focus on healing, which is why the care management team will guide you through all of the administrative procedures. We make sure all patients are made aware of how insurance works, opportunities for financial aid, and how to access your medical records.

Learn About Resources Outside the Hospital

There are numerous community resources that can help you continue your care once you leave the hospital. We partner with community-based providers to ensure patients have access to the services they need after being discharged. Our care management nurses and social workers take referrals from anyone involved with a patient’s care, including the patients themselves. Just ask your nurse or doctor for a referral to a service you are interested in or call our office at 302.575.8020.

Additional resources: