Stretches to Keep Your Body Limber

Brought to you by Outpatient Physical Therapy. People always say, “stretch before you work out.” It’s a great way to avoid hurting yourself, but stretching can do more than prepare you for your next exercise. Regularly ...

Dynamic vs. Static Stretching: Which Is More Important?

While a lot of gym-goers neglect to stretch, most people know that stretching is good for you—at least in a nebulous, “I used to stretch in P.E.” type of way. Particularly health-minded people will remember to touch their ...

Stretches to Improve Your Ankle Flexibility

When it comes to your ability to move, nearly everything you do hinges on the ankle’s flexibility. Hinge is an appropriate term as well—as a hinge joint, the ankle only moves on the sagittal (forward and backward) plane. The ...