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5 Fruity Desserts to Make You Forget About Chocolate

When it comes to healthy eating, one of the most difficult parts of any person’s goals is making sure they cut down on their sugar intake. Our bodies are wired to desire sugar and fat because our ancestors often didn’t have ...

Dynamic vs. Static Stretching: Which Is More Important?

While a lot of gym-goers neglect to stretch, most people know that stretching is good for you—at least in a nebulous, “I used to stretch in P.E.” type of way. Particularly health-minded people will remember to touch their ...

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Blood Pressure

Healthy blood pressure is a sign of a healthy heart—it means you have lowered risk of heart attack, stroke, or kidney issues. Good blood pressure, on a physical level, means that your blood vessels are flexing appropriately to adapt ...

Summer Safety Tips

Summer is a great season for activity, for family trips, and for all types of adventure. School is out, the weather is warm, and for many children (ideally), that means spending as much time outside playing as possible. What that means for ...
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