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Winter Workouts

Cold weather can make it more difficult to get motivated to work out. After all, not many people want to leave the comfort — and warmth — of their own home. But remaining sedentary can result in the body storing additional fats, ...

Sleep Tips for Baby - and Mommy

Pregnancy brings a wealth of questions and concerns, especially when you’re expecting your first baby. Keeping all the do’s and don’ts of parenting straight can be overwhelming! One age-old question that has worried ...

How to Pick Your Family Doctor

When you are setting up medical care for you and your family, you want to make sure that you are picking the right doctor. Before you move forward with your choice, however, you should know exactly what to consider and what questions you ...

What to Expect When Visiting Saint Francis Healthcare Maternity Services

For any expecting mother, the level of care provided her, the newborn, and the family is of the utmost importance. This is an emotional and joyous time, so having the best possible care in a comfortable setting is the perfect scenario for ...

The Power of a Mother's Touch: Why Skin-to-Skin Contact Benefits both Mother and Baby

Who doesn’t enjoy snuggling, holding, kissing or hugging their newborn? While doctors may not be pulling out their pads to prescribe these acts just yet, many studies have shown just how powerful and beneficial skin-to-skin contact ...

The Truth about Breastfeeding

You’re a new mom, holding your infant for the first time. You’ve waited nine long months to meet your daughter and as you look into her eyes, you think, “How can I give her everything she needs?” One thing is for ...
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