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Saint Francis Hospital and Padua Academy to Collaborate in Emergency Preparedness Drill

In an effort to test preparedness for a community emergency, Saint Francis Hospital and Padua Academy will collaborate on an emergency drill on Wednesday, October 30, 2013 from 9 a.m. to noon. This is the second straight year that the two organizations have collaborated for an emergency preparedness drill.

Fifteen Padua students who hope to pursue medical studies in college will simulate an emergency involving a chemical spill, requiring immediate medical and hazardous material containment. Working with school leaders, the Saint Francis Emergency Management Team will respond to the scene, assess and treat the immediate medical needs of the students, and address the safety and environmental issues. Students and staff will be transported to the Saint Francis Emergency Room for care, testing the readiness of the hospital to deal with an emergency involving multiple injuries.

“Training and drills help us to be prepared for these types of incidents,” said Mr. Joseph Leonetti, Director of Emergency Management, Safety and Security for the Hospital. “We stand ready to assist in any community emergency situation because we regularly practice our response and evaluate ways to give the most reliable, quality care, especially when the situation is not predictable.”

The collaborative effort comes out of a commitment from Padua and Saint Francis Healthcare to be good neighbors and support one another in service to the community. “Saint Francis Hospital Security regularly includes the area around Padua Academy in their rounds, and we at Padua are happy to help them in this emergency drill,” said Cindy Mann, Head of School. “Additionally, our students will have the opportunity to learn about disaster preparedness and get a bird’s eye view of the healthcare field.”

“We are constantly striving to be ahead of what could come our way in an emergent situation. An emergency preparedness collaboration with Padua provides us with the opportunity to consider the many unique aspects of this scenario and respond appropriately. Our ability to activate our emergency response team at a moment’s notice to a disaster is another way that we serve the community,” stated Brian Dietz, Interim President & CEO of Saint Francis Healthcare.

Padua Academy, a Catholic college preparatory high school for young women, has been named one of America’s Top 50 Catholic High Schools by the Cardinal Newman Society. Padua consistently achieves a 100% college acceptance rate, and the 134 students in the graduating class of 2013 were awarded more than $13.2 million in academic and athletic scholarships to colleges and universities across the country.