Emergency Care

Emergency Care

Our short wait times allow you to receive treatment faster, so you can feel better with minimal interruption to your daily routine. If you are having a medical emergency, call 911.

“The admitting receptionist, nurses and the doctor who stitched me up exuded compassion and professionalism from the moment we arrived until they ‘allowed’ us to leave.”

– Dan Taylor, former ER patient

Quick Access to Care

We will do everything possible to give you the care you need, fast. For example, stroke patients can reach an MRI or CAT scan within 8 minutes. A procedure can start within 45 minutes of arrival.

Collaboration among Medical Specialties

Because no two emergencies are alike, our team can quickly deploy cardiologists and other physicians from the hospital.

Providing the Compassionate Care All Patients Deserve

Our dedicated team will treat you with understanding and empathy. We care about your feelings as well as your physical health.

“If it wasn’t for the team’s speed and competency, I don’t think my husband would have survived his heart attack.”

-Vivian Kelly

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Parking: Use the Clayton Street Parking Garage. Parking is free with validation, just present your garage parking ticket when you register at the front desk.