IRS Form 990 Schedule H

IRS Form 990 Schedule H

Saint Francis Healthcare is a not-for-profit entity that operates for one purpose: to further our healing ministry. We do this by:

  • Reinvesting our profits back into the communities we serve by improving healthcare services, buying new technologies, upgrading facilities, and making sure that care is available to everyone — regardless of their ability to pay. Profits are not distributed to shareholders, as they would be in the case of a for-profit hospital.
  • Working to improve the health of our communities. Compassion is the foundation for all that we do. Patients and their families are treated as people first, which means compassion, dignity, and respect are at the core of any treatment program. It also means that when someone is treated at one of our facilities, the needs of the whole person — body, mind, and spirit — are what matters most.
  • Providing a range of special benefits to the community, such as programs to manage care for persons with chronic diseases, health education and disease prevention initiatives, outreach for the elderly, and care for persons who are poor or uninsured.

Our commitment bears great responsibility to be accountable to many groups and individuals — including those who grant us tax exemption because of our status as a “charitable, community-oriented organization.” Without this exemption, Saint Francis Healthcare could not continue to deliver the same level of community benefits that are so important and necessary.

The federal government recently ruled that health care entities like ours report their community benefit programs. This includes a wide array of activities and services that need to be categorized and explained – in detail – on the IRS form called “990 Schedule H.” This document requires us to report information on:

  • Charity care (financial assistance) and other community benefits
  • Community building activities
  • Medicare, bad debt and collection practices
  • Management companies and joint ventures
  • Facilities comprising the organization